Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All)


This part of Bloons TD 6 mod apk preserving the original mechanics and atmosphere has received three-dimensional graphics, new types of towers .
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Get Bloons TD 6 MOD apk 18.0 now to experience this phenomenal game on your Android device and take control of balloons.

Bloons Td 6 Mod Apk

Bloons TD 6 MOD apk 18.0 description

Do you enjoy playing strategy games? There is probably no doubt that you are aware of the Bloons tower defense series if you answered yes. In order to facilitate further updates, the name of the game has been shortened to Bloons TD. Players will have to plan strategic activities and engage in interesting activities in this game. As a flash game lover, you will surely enjoy the features of this game.Users are engaged in this game for a long time because of its unique and interesting plot.

In this game, there are colorful balloons that navigate through the map and attempt to enter your defense area. Don’t be fooled by them. Some balloons successfully enter your premises. A money tower can be built to shoot the entering balloons and limit the damage they can do. Ninja Kiwi developers have added new elements to the recently launched game and all the upgrades that have been made.

A variety of balloons and six more monkey towers are added to this version of the game to make it more challenging. As a result of this game update, a significant improvement has been made to the efficiency of the game. It is now easy for users to attack balloons using diverse tools and boosting their points with boosters.

This is the information about Bloons TD 6 MOD apk 18.0

This game’s description is as follows:

  • This game is officially called Bloons TD 6.

  • The game is compatible with Android 5 or its later upgrades.

  • The version 18.0 of Bloons TD 6 is available.

  • Ninja Kiwi developed this game.

  • The game is available for free download since it is not a paid game.

  • This game is 52 MB in size.

  • Strategy games are included in this category.

Bloons Td 6 Mod Apk



New features of Bloons TD 6 MOD apk 18.0

As soon as you successfully release all the balloons in the franchise, you will notice upgrades. As a result of these upgrades, you will have the ability to build more convenient towers to shoot down more balloons. It is no different from its previous version, but it is now more efficient and entertaining. The new changes, upgrades, opponents, and fortifications in Bloons TD 6 make it more efficient than ever before. Definitely give this game a try if you’ve played strategy games before and want to explore even more.

Bloons Td 6 Mod Apk

  • New towers

In this game, there are many new towers that can be used to shoot more balloons more efficiently. 5 upgrades and 21 towers are included, which is significantly more than in the previous version. We introduce new monkey species such as the alchemist monkey, the druid monkey, and the engineer monkey. These monkeys all have distinct appearances.

  • New MOAB balloon

In addition to the previous balloons, there are several new ones that are even more powerful. MOAB is a really hard balloon to shoot down and will give players a hard time until they learn how to combat attack. As well as the purple balloons, new strategies must be developed by the players to achieve guaranteed success.

  • New Updating

As the battle against the balloons becomes more challenging in this game, you will need to strengthen your defense system. The monkey knowledge tree can also be used to acquire bonuses, points, and upgrades that stimulate success. Additionally, players must ensure that they adopt the right strategies to succeed.

  • Hero monkeys

There are nine monkeys in this game and each monkey has 20 upgrades. The players must aim for success by using one of the monkeys to upgrade. Monkeys are brutal as they shred balloons and customize their skins for an effective winning strategy. These monkeys can help you win the game if you use them.

  • New maps

This version of the game emphasizes variety, which is why it has 36 map locations. With each location being unique and 3D, the 3D map makes the game more challenging.

How to play Bloons TD 6 MOD apk 18.0

Beginners should work on figuring out their strategy, but the best approach for beginners is the diversity strategy, based on use. Using this strategy, users build multiple towers to target different balloon types. Only one tower can be made at the beginning of the game, but it won’t work at higher levels. Therefore, users must plan their strategies. The use of cannons is one example of attacking the opponents.

You cannot upgrade canon as much as you would like in order to have a stronger approach if you use a dart shooter. Users are given the option of being a ninja or a sniper at the beginning of the game. In contrast to snipers, ninja are efficient in stopping armored balloon attacks from a distance. To achieve rapid success, invest in snipper from the start.

Bloons TD 6 MOD apk 18.0 is available for download

You can download the game by following these steps:

  • Ensure that the unknown source file is enabled in the settings.

  • The official download link can be found here.

  • Click the install option after downloading and create a shortcut.

Bloons Td 6 Mod Apk


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How to install Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Unlocked All) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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